Home *HOMER INFO* Hostel Info FAQS Events Photos Photos II Map Guestbook Reservations Links I felt comfortable here. It is a very laid back and down to earth atmosphere. 

Thanks,  Take Care,


Billings, MT


Thanks so much for having the hostel.  It was a wonderful, comfortable place to stay when I ended up in Homer longer than I thought I would.  Maybe I can come back sometime to help you build an Earthship.

Lynn A.


Beautiful town.  Nice people.  On my way to Le Tour Du Monde

Jean-Marc Tesson  Metz, France


Thank you for this place.  It is very welcoming & comfortable.  Christina, the shooting stars are growing under the spruces near the driveway. 

Barbara M.



Where to start? This place is truly amazing.  The wildlife is absolutely stunning and the homer sapiens  are a trip!  Thanks for a pleasant stay.

Russell E.


We went on our dream bear viewing adventure.  It was  awesome and I'm not afraid of bears anymore!



Thanks for a great place to crash after a day on the salt water!  I'm sure I'll be back down to paddle in a couple weeks.  Kelly


Spent 7 days in Homer instead of 3....what more do I need to say.... Thanks.

Take care Will

Annick  - the Nederlands


Walk in beauty.


Red Valley, Navajo Nation


You have one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed in, with unexplainable views & great owners & comfortable beds, which is a good thing also.  Don’t ever leave Homer, it’s a great town. Thanks again, See ya soon,


QLD, Australia


Molly's Chowda


-some clam juice

-a little worsteshire sauce

-saute some white onions diced in butter and add them later when the chowda is almost done

-dice up potatoes


-bay leaves

-salt & pepper


First add several bottles of clam juice and then add your diced up potatoes and cook those up for about 25 minutes then stat to add your spices and fillets of halibut and cook for about 15 minutes then ad the mil and sautéed onions and worsteshire sauce.  Cook up for a while and enjoy.  Wish we could be here again to enjoy more with you!


Thanx for a great time.  This is a great place to relax- just what I needed.

Shiri – Israel


A great place!  I wanted to spend 2 days here, but finally we were here for 4... The hostel is perfect, and Homer also.

Chris -Switzerland


Will,  thank you very much for being so kind an understanding.  When I had no place to go you opened your arms and let me in, well you charged me $22 but that's not the point.  You are a gentleman and scholar.  Thanx, 

Patrick W


I would have to say thank you so very much for keepin it real out there!  Gotta say.... after a month out in the field digging for prehistoric remains and playing in the mountains of the interior - I am beyond happy to find a place as chill out as this.


Homer, Alaska -  Where Mars is as big as the moon , If only for one night of your life.  May those who come here be forever changed, and Alaskan forever.

If I ever leave I'll surely be back....



  Watch for the midnight moose.

Lou M.

Even though it was short, I had a great time here in my first hostel experience!  I love the view from the porch.

Laura   -St Lois, Missouri


We went kayaking in Peterson Bay and to Gull Island.  I've never seen so many birds.  And the otters we saw were so cute!



Casey and Amber from NH on trip two to the Homer Hostel.  Great to enjoy this quiet place to stay.  Thanks Will. We'll probably see you again.  Maybe we'll be neighbors!



Our stay in Homer was all we had hoped for and more:  hiking, fishing, mountains, and ocean & 2 sunny days in a row!  Your hostel is comfortable, and friendly.  We hope to come back to Homer someday - Hopefully before you retire! Thanks.

Mike S. (Anna's dad)


Dear Will,

Thanks for everything Will.  Especially talking  with you about my experiences here in Homer & your interest! You're a great guy & host.  I'll be back!


(Shirley lived in Homer in the 50's.  Her dad ran the airport at that time and she taught me a lot about the history of this amazing 'cosmic hamlet by  the sea' while sharing her memories of growing up in Homer)



Only been here a day. So far seems great!  Thank you Will.  Now been here 3 days a and can sincerely say W you area a most gracious host.

Rona & Patrick  FL


Up the coast we came by ship

Where we ate, went to shore;

only to come aboard

and eat some more


The hostel's great

filled with bearded gents

Hurrah, hurrah for modest rents


And here is will

Still tall and dashing

And Christina - smart

beautiful - gosh she's smashing!

   -Thanks for everything.

Sally and Paul


Fantastic place Will!  We want to be neighbors.

Natalie & Matt  - Chignick Bay


Thanks again.  Hope I'll be back next summer.

Petra -Germany


Thank you for a marvelous stay in Homer.  I saw the bears across the Inlet and the puffins at Gull Island.  Homer is picture perfect and the weather is great.  A small NZ pin as a small thank you for you.

Lynette R.

Waileke Island, New Zealand


Thanks for recommending the Diamond Creek hike.  We saw a lot of otters and an eagle high up in its nest. 

The beauty out there is stunning with the tall bluffs and wide beach.  Wow.

Don and Carla


Will, yet another great experience in Homer  and at the Homer Hostel.  Thank you for your great hospitality.  chocolates, swan/rose vase, and a congrats card helped to make the "honeymoon suite"  We really appreciate you welcoming us back - Homer HOstel, the place to fall in love!!

Jeff and Moriah C.

(Jeff and Moriah came on their first trip together here.  The weather was foggy so they stayed an extra day to see the view)  During that time they stayed up way into the night talking.  When they got home the decided to get married and then came back here for their honeymoon!)


I spent just one night here but the house is charming.  Thanks for letting me check in late (hitch hiking doesn't have schedules)  It's great to discover Alaska has people like this.

Paris Girl


John Lennon was here.  Thanks for everything.

John and Edna Lennon

 a wonderful place for the "end of all our exploring" (for the present, anyways!)  Hope to  see you again next time we pass through and maybe stay awhile...  Sail out to Dutch sometime and look us up - pallet fires guaranteed at any time of year.  Have a lovely summer.



Thanks for the tips on the special place to go to see the most amazing sunset ever.



Thanks for making Homer such a difficult place to leave!  Remember the Lupine!



Your "welcoming' welcoming personality and helpful tips on Homer were much appreciated!  We enjoyed the Pratt Museum, had fun at the spit...meeting our buddy at the Salty Dawg and enjoyed clam chowder and halibut at the Boardwalk Fish and Chips!  (you were right... we enjoyed this  place!)  Ended our day with a scenic walk to the end of the spit and catching (literally) live entertainment at the local fishing hole.  Thanks again, Cissy S.


I hope you get a long vacation now, after a hard working summer.  Thanks for a great stay in Homer.



You're the most wonderful hostel host on the planet.  Thanks for helping to promote my show & everything else your wonderful self did....



Homer Hostel is a great place to be,

Treat you so good you don't want to leave.

You meet great people from all over the world

and then you have the good people who call this place home. 

Been here awhile and I could easily call this place home,

But I gotta keep moving there's a lot of world out there.

Will your good dude and will always be a friend of mine.  There is no

doubt anytime I come to Alaska I'll

always stop in Homer and the hostel,

for it is a place where good people

mingle and fill your ears with tales

of travel.  Thanks for giving me a place to call home.

Clayton A.



Will and Friends-

Thank you, Thank you.

What a friendly place to stay and so close to Woodard Creek! You'll see me back.



The Pratt Museum is really excellent.



Thanks. You have made this a wonderful place.  I enjoyed my stay very much.  It's always nice to stay in a hostel with a personal touch.

Clara Xue


Beautiful weather and friendly people. Thanks for a great stay!

Bobbi - Yukon, Alaska


Our day hike to Grewingk Glacier was fun.  Especially pulling ourselves across in the tram.  We got to touch an iceberg.  And then being invited on a flightseeing  trip to see the glacier and icefield from the air was the icing on the ice!

Anna and Kurt


Will, whenever you want to visit Mexico, you already have a home there.  Thanks for everything man.

Tepo and Daniel


I really left this time!  I will miss this place. very much, thanks for making it so hard to leave.  See you next summer hopefully.




It is the rising


The sun

Wings spread east

that let me fly boldly

into a dream

of sound and grace

shifting moving space

it is a place where all is free

And the eyes of the moonchild

dance upon the fields of the wicked

giving hope where temptations promise

has stolen the hearts

of those who do not conceive

ride on to the light in the

midnight sky

For North it seems the

Spirits fly....

Alan P


I really enjoyed staying in this small town! Well... I saw northern lights. Met a female moose.  Thanks for all! My long "moratorium" has just been over but my journey will never end.

Mike Aihara - Japan


Coming back here after a few days away was like coming home...nice!

Thanks for everything Will.

Helen -England


We love Homer.  Fat Olives rocks!

Jeanne & Laurie



Coming here was like coming Homer!




304 West Pioneer Avenue

Homer, Alaska  99603


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